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    Default hardwood floor height

    We plan to install oak hardwood floors in our kitchen. There is a plywood subfloor. How much height should we plan on for an underlayment plus hardwood?

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    Default Re: hardwood floor height

    Depends, are you nailing the floor down or is it a floating floor?

    If you're nailing, then underlayment may be required if the subfloor is not thick enough to resist movement or hold a nail sufficiently.

    If it's a floating floor, then you will be adding 6mil plastic vapor barrier, 1/8" foam sheet, then the floor is assembled over the top.

    What does the flooring manufacturer recommend, because ultimately their guidelines are what matter.
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    Default Re: hardwood floor height

    What Spruce said plus;

    add any leveling compound that may be needed to flatten the floor.

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    Check the Dishwasher hgt opening. Adding to much to the floor might cause problems getting it back in

    Cut it 3 times & it's still to short.
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