I live in a small cape that was built in 1943. The original front door is solid wood. About 6 years ago, I stripped off all the paint and stain, sanded it down, restainded it and applied clear coat (polyurethane - I think by Minwax). I made sure I used the clear coat that said it was good for use in sunlight.

The problem is, that this door gets beat down by the sun all day long, as it faces the south (I live in Buffalo, NY). The all glass storm door I have in front of it only adds to the heat build up. Over the past 5 years, I have tried to keep up on the door and constantly am reapplying a new clear coat at least once a year. However, this past year I let it go and now everything is peeling off. Part of the problem may be that parts of the door has cracks in it from being weathered over the past 60 years or so.

My question is, is there any product out there or anything I can do to keep this door looking like new without having the products get slowly burned off from the sun? Someone suggesting stripping off everything again and just using linseed oil, as it won't peel, but I'd still have to reapply.

Any suggestions? I know I could replace the door with a new metal one, but I want to keep the look of this old door, as it does look beautiful when it's finished and adds character.