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    Default creating dual zone for hot water baseboard heating

    I am renovating a house with hot water baseboard heating that I would like to split into a first floor zone and basement zone. I only have one thermostat upstairs....is it possible to run the basement off a different thermostat?

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    Default Re: creating dual zone for hot water baseboard heating

    Yes you can but it requires a lot more then just two thermostats. It will also require piping changes, two zone valves or a 2nd circulator.


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    Default Re: creating dual zone for hot water baseboard heating

    I agree with John; you can make 2 separate zones using zone valves or zone circulators with 2 separate T-stats; as noted, the piping arrangement between the 1st floor baseboard and the basement baseboard has to be re-piped so that the heated boiler water will flow thru the 1st floor circuit when the 1st floor T-stat calls for heat, or will flow thru only the basement baseboards when the basement T-stat calls for heat; or, will flow thru BOTH 1st floor & basement piping circuits when BOTH T-stats are calling for heat.

    I would recommend the Taco 570 Series model zone valves if you decide to do this.

    Do you plan to do this yourself, or have a heating contractor do it???


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