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    Default Santec (brand) faucet

    Anybody heard of the Santec faucet brand ? (They mostly make bathroom and with a small line of kitchen faucets.)

    Delta & Moen are mentioned as solid, US made faucets. There is a Santec model, "pre-rinse" "commercial" type that is in traditional style (all other brands are modern) to match our Virginia traditional kitchen.

    After having a pre-rinse pull-down faucet in our previous house, all other faucets seem wimpy and not practical.

    Santec has a poor website and very little info about itself & their products, but they look to be Calif, family owned, in business since 1991 and make their products in the US.

    I alway had to get spare parts or customer service on a kitchen faucet after years of use.

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    Default Re: Santec (brand) faucet

    Like has been said before, you only know how good a manufacturer is - until you need the warranty honored.

    If you can't find a pre rinse faucet from any of the established brands and if you are willing to spend $400, then go ahead with Santec.

    I wouldn't hesitate buying one for my personal use, but then again I don't have to spend any money on labor.

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