I have just bought a 1 1/2 story 1400 sq ft Brick bungalow built in 1950, a really cute house. I intend on remodeling it and have a question on electrical wiring. I do most of my own work on home remodeling, but have never tackled a whole house rewire before.

3 bedroom (2 up & 1 down); 2 bath (1 up and 1 down and other each other), living room; kitchen; dining room; garage attached by breezeway; & full basement and attic.

Here is my situation (which I don't think is to bad)-

1. The house already has a newer 200 amp service added to it with an extra large capacity electrical panel, so more than enough room for new circuits.

2. House has all old 2 wire circuits and trying to figure out the circuits is driving me nuts. But am working on it.

2a. Oh yeah, I have a mix of old wiring that is aluminum and newer wiring (for refrig and electric stove and electric dryer that is newer) is copper. There is no knob and tube

3. It has full size basement covering the whole house and access to the attic.

4. I am not yet living in the house.

So here's my question:

- I am inclined to disconnect all existing circuits (except furnace at this point) and abandon the old wire in the walls and then take out the old boxes.
- Put in new boxes and just pull all new wire from the attic for the second floor and up from the basement for the first floor.
- There was a basement to 2nd floor laundry shoot (so use this to run wires up to attic for second floor rewiring) do I need to enclose the wires (circuits 17 and 18) running up through the house like that?

And setup my own circuits per code. I have until June to finish this so figuring pulling the wire then working on one circuit at a time. I have not done load calculations yet so this may change based on that but here is my thoughts. Any comments?

1 - Bath 1 20 amp outlet circuit
2 - Bath 2 20 amp outlet circuit
3 - Bath 15 amp light/fan and upper hallway circuit for both bath
4 - Dining 20 amp circuit
5 - Kitchen appliance circuit - 20 amp (even numbered outlets)
6 - Kitchen appliance circuit - 20 amp (odd numbered outlets)
7 - Refrig 20 amp (Stove is gas so not putting in circuit)
8 - Microwave 20 amp
8a - Range Vent hood 15 amp
9 - Garbage Disposal 15 Amp
10 - Dishwasher 15 Amp
11 - Kitchen & Breezeway lights 15 Amp
12 - Washer 20 Amp
13 - Dryer 20 Amp 240 volt
14 - Lights - Living room, lower Bedroom, hallway and stairways 15 amp
15 - Outlets - Living room, Lower bedroom, hallway 20 Amp
16 - Bedroom 1st floor, hallway, stairway to basement 15 amp
17 - Lights upper Bedrooms/closets upper - 15 Amp
18 - Outlets upper Bedroom/hallway upper - 20 Amp
19 - Garage & Breezeway outlets - 20 Amp
20 - Garage Door Opener - 20 Amp
21 - Outside Front Light and outlet 20 Amp
22 - Outside Rear light and outlet 20 Amp
23 - Furnace
24 - Water Softener
25 - Basement lights and outlets East side
26 - Basement lights and outlets West side
27 - Whole house attic fan and attic light (No central air; just lots of shade)