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    Default Re-carpetting Stairs

    I bought a 1979 split-level, twinhome. The stairs are open ended (no backing, very 70s...) The carpet wrapped around them is nasty and I want to replace it. I haven't removed the carpet yet so I don't know what the structure of the stairs are. But do I replace the carpet? How do I know how much to buy? I saw "remnant" carpet at Menards the other day which is why this got me thinking about the stairs.

    I am super-super new to house-stuff, so please avoid any jargon.

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    Default Re: Re-carpetting Stairs

    Laying carpets is a trade you don't learn in 24 hours. Doing stairs on the other hand is not like laying carpet, and only very skilled tradesmen can do it correctly.

    My advice: don't even go there. Call carpet contractors.

    By the way, the amount of carpet needed for stairs is a lot bigger than the stairs' surface. Remnants won't be enough.

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    Default Re: Re-carpetting Stairs

    i'm with dj on this. i've been in this business for a long time and i don't even lay carpet. if i were to ever give it a try i would do a bedroom in the back of the house that no one saw before i would try a staircase that everyone that entes the house sees.

    buy the carpet you like at a discount then hire a carpet person to install it for you. that way you can save a little money.

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