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    Default Staples working up through Flooring

    Recently we put an addition onto the house. I used planed home-sawn white pine lumber, that had been air dried for about 10 yrs.for the sub-floor. The sub-floor was
    glued and nailed diagnally. We had 1/4" birch under-lay installed by a professional,insure warranty. About a month later the staples started to work their way up through
    the vinyl. They are now starting to lift the Dura-plank also. Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Staples working up through Flooring

    Call the installer and demand that he comes back to solve the problem. Hope he responds, and if not, contact the contractors board.

    This is another example why you can't use regular nails, brads and staples to attach sub floors. There are special nails and screws for this purpose.

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