I did some preemptive work to bypass some buried supply lines this weekend in prep for house leveling. A good bit of my cold supply is/was buried and now that it is not active I want to rip it out of the ground so I no longer have pipes sticking up randomly(which I seem to have quite a lot of for some reason).

Anyway, when I started the project I got pretty frustrated as I got down about a foot and was still going straight down. Is there any average/uniform depth to which pipes are usually buried?

I want to remove all of the random pipes so I have a few less obstructions.

In a related note, I have a 2 1/2" iron pipe running the length of my house that is not a waste pipe. It can't be gas service as that enters at the meter elsewhere, and it certainly isn't water supply as I already dealt with that nightmare.

I want to cut it up and haul it off, but I want to make sure there isn't one more thing I am forgetting. I also want to make sure it isn't somehow connected to a 90 year old gas service and opening it up will unleash Gozer the Destroyer.