Hey all...I'm starting a complete remodel on an 1880's foursquare this week. I've had quite a bit of experience with this in the past..and I know I may have to call in some pro advice and don't have a problem with that. I have to replace a beam and some joists..I've had an engineer over to the house so I have a plan of attack. Problem is a maze of heat ducts and cold air returns that are in the area of where I have to replace joists. There are two cold air returns that are running inside the joist spaces to the plenum..one is approx 36" wide the other is about 24". They Run about 10 feet to the intakes on the first floor. There is another 36" wide cold air return that travels opposite to the other side of the house. There are also a few supply ducts that I'll need to remove. My question is..can I remove these and have the furnace still operate safely. I'm aware it may not run efficiently but I need to keep some heat flowing while I'm working. I plan to re-install the returns and supply in a month or so and size them appropriately. The furnace is a direct vent style and is about 10 years old. The main square house is approx 24x24. Thanks much for any input.
I have an illustration..but my post count won't allow any attachments...thanks