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    Unhappy SO tired of greasey film!

    My electric oven is built into an island countertop and it HAS NO ventilation! I am constantly wiping up the film that is left every time I cook (not to mention whatever we're breating in:Z). We can't vent up because it is a cathedral ceiling. There is only a 3 3/4" space above the stove edge before the counter top of the bar behind. What are my options? Do they make tiny enough fans? I've seen the "downdraft" vents that are for countertop ranges but nothing for my flat topped stove!!?

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    Because heat rises, most cooking vapors travel upward, so overhead ventilation is the best possible solution. Side and down draft systems do help some, but they are nowhere near as effective. Other issues would be the length of run, which is limited by code, you'll have to check your local building department for details.
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    Is moving the oven to a space along the wall, an option?

    It will involve electrical, cabinet and finish work.

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