I have a gas fireplace that over the years has worked intermitinly. 15 years ago when i moved into my home it worked fine for a few months then stopped and over the years sometimes at winter time it would work for a few months and the stop. It has been doing this all the time i ownened the home. This year i found a loose wire and fixed it now it stopped working. I put a digital thermostat in place of the mercury one. Begining in November i found the loose wire and fixed it and all was well. I would hear the thermostat click on and hear/watch the fireplace go on. One day I set the thermostat higher that the tempeture in the room and it did not go on, played aorund with the wires and nothing so i left it alone. A few moments later it went on so i did an experiment. At first I would hear the thermostat click on and the fireplace would turn on, now i hear it click on and it takes anywhere from 3 to 30 minutes for it to turn on. Any Thoughs??