I have seen this question posted elsewhere but I am in a bit of a unique position, so that is why I am asking it.

We installed 6 recessed lights in our living room. While my wife was working in the dinning room, we found an old hole for an old switch were they had a switch before. In that hole there were 3 wires taped together, they were taped together whites with whites and blacks with blacks and no grounds.(Now I know that is illegal because of fire hazard)

We ran a new wire from the last light down the wall. We untapped everything, added our black with the existing blacks, and our whites with the existing whites. Then we ran a two jumper cables once again one from black to the black screw on switch, and one to the neutral screw. then from the new ground we connected it to the screw on the other side of the switch. We re-connected all the wires. When we flipped the switch, the lights came on. When we tried to turn them off, the break blew.

When we put the new wires in, we didn't even untwist the old ones, just added the new ones. Any idea's how to fix this problem?

Thanks in advance