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    Default Parquet 9 x 9 Flooring

    Some 9 x 9 parquet light oak flooring has been damaged by water. It has 6 strips of wood, is 9" by 9", is 3/4" thick ans is tung and grove. The house is probably from the 1950's.I need about 30 pieces. Can anyone help me find some? Kip Sharpe 251-343-6700. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Parquet 9 x 9 Flooring

    Finding what you need is hard.

    What's the condition of the rest of the floor?

    If the condition is less than what you like it to be, consider replacing the entire floor. Why? because whatever parguet flooring you find today will not match perfectly with the existing floor. It may be close enough for a landlord or a tenant, but may not be satisfying to a demanding homeowner, like you.

    Places to look: flooring outlets, stores, on line sources, etc.

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    Default Re: Parquet 9 x 9 Flooring

    Can you pull some from a closet floor and swap?

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