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    Default Matching old tile

    I'm working on upgrading the kitchen and want to extend the backsplash of 1x1 white 'dimpled'tiles to the wall area between the cabinets. Unfortunately, I've found no match for these tiles which we installed around the stove back in the late '60s, and which are still in excellent condition. Is there any source for matching old tile? I have a similar problem on white floor tiles in the bathroom which are cracked. They only date to the 90's.

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    Default Re: Matching old tile

    The only source for matching old tiles is to sneek into a neighbors home and pry some off the wall. If the neighbors don't get out of the house much, you'll need an accomplice to create a distraction. Short of that you aren't going to find any. Heck, it hard enough to find matching tiles 6 months later, let alone a few decades.

    Consider replacing all the tiles.

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    Don't try to do what Houston recommends...

    There are places in most big cities where you can find what you need. It would take some time to find them. Call old tile stores, older tile contractors, old corner hardware stores... i was able to match old tiles this way.

    "If you search and can't find - don't believe. If you search, search, search and find - believe!"

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