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Thread: Bad, bad window

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    My bathroom is in desperate need of a remodel around the tub area. There was tile installed almost over a decade ago and there are areas where it's sunken in from the drywall needing replacing. There's also a window with a wooden sill inside the shower. My plan is to remove the tile and replace the drywall (or whatever's under there) with waterproof sheetrock (or whatever the stuff is called.) My problem is with the window. It has to stay where it is for ventilation and I won't have enough to replace it with a smaller one. The wooden sill looks like it needs replaced, though. We have a shower so it constantly gets wet. I've no clue what material to use to replace it, though. What I'd like to do is get one of those one piece wall covers that match with the tub and cut out a spot for the window. I don't know if that can be done though. Does anyone have any ideas what I can do with this window other than wall over it?

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    i've redone plenty of showers with windows in them. assuming that the window itself is a vinyl replacement window, all you have to do is trim it out in PVC instead of wood. just make sure you do a good job caulking all the joints and the seams between the pieces of PVC. one thing i've advised alot of people to do is to buy a second shower rod, place it on the window side of the tub, purchase a clear shower curtain liner, cut it lengthwise so it's about 6-8" longer than the window and width wise so it's about 6-8" wider on each side and when you use the shower, pull the curtain over the window and when you're done, slide it to the end of the tub and it's not some big bulky thing hanging in there.....oh, make sure you use hardibacker or durock for the tile backer, not any type of sheetrock product.

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    Great advice from both of the previous posters. In addition, I would say to make sure you use screws that are made to install dur-rock, not drywall screws. Also, use thin set to set your tiles not mastic, as mold will feed on mastic. And lastly, I would use mold and mildew resistant silicone rather that caulk around the window.

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    A popular window option in our area (Chicago) is to replace the regular window in the shower with glass block and a vent. That keeps the ventilation where you need it, but makes it easier to keep wood out of the opening, thus reducing the risk of rot. It also solves the window covering issue...

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    hi MLBSF
    thanks for info..

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