Hi everyone

I live in the Mid-Atlantic where we're getting a good amount of rain today and the temps are inching up. I was heading out the door for work, putting my boots on in my laundry room when I saw a small drop of water coming from what I assumed is a joint of my gas furnace HVAC. It seemed like maybe the silicone sealant had worn away at the point but I wasn't sure if there should be any moisture in the HVAC to begin with? For trouble shooting purposes it might be good to know that I like to keep my house pretty cool to sleep in and for frugal reasons, so the thermostat is set at about 60 all day and night, temps around here have been in the 20's or 30's at night, 30's to 40's during the day. Does this just sound like I need to reseal the joints, an issue of keeping my furnace too cool and then heating up, or maybe I need to investigate a leak elsewhere? Thanks so much for the input!