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    Smile Insulating over Garage where bedrooms exist

    I have 2.5 bedrooms above my garage which have cold floors. Would like to insulate garage ceiling with spray foam but don't know which spray foam would be best suited for this application. Also don't know what R value this application would render - suspect I need R value of at least 20 - is spray foam suitable or other type of insulation warranted? Help!!!

    Am also thinking of re-insulating attic as I do believe I need ventilation there as well. Is spray foam suitable for an attic too? Again, type and R value are questions I would like answers to.


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    Default Re: Insulating over Garage where bedrooms exist


    How to heat & insulate a room over a cold garage has to be one of the most common questions on the home improvement forums---there are literally tons of articles on this interesting topic, a few are listed below.

    For tons more, Google "how to heat & insulate a room over a cold garage"---the more articles you read, the more informed you will be able to develop an effective plan of action once you get a consensus in your head of what to do.,00.html

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