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    We have an Aladdin home built in 1919. Either because of the original construction or alterations by later owners there isn't proper support under portions of the first floor and over time a crown has developed. There's also enough bounce that the vinyl tile we installed in the kitchen/dining room in 1996 has more cracks than I can count. I can solve most of the bounce with floor columns and crossbeams but the crown will still be there. I don't think leveling compound is feasible. So, two questions: what type of flooring is most compatible with this situation, and is this something I should try to tackle? I'm a sheet metal guy, not a carpenter. We're thinking about different remodeling possibilities for this area but the floor needs to be dealt with first.

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    Differing flooring options will have different floor deflection options. Ceramic tile requires a floor deflection (stiffness) of L360 or greater. Natural stone L720. Wood flooring less. Each manufacturer will be able to tell you what the requirements are.

    The John Bridge Tile Forum has a handy dandy deflecto-meter you can use to figure out what your current deflection is. Then go backwards and figure out what happens if you sister the joist, add columns or beams and get a new number.

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