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    Default installing cabinets

    Tommy's technique of locating a stud on which to hang a cabinet (2/10/2013) seems seriously flawed. Knocking on wood and then drilling a small hole could result in setting a larger screw maybe 1/16 of an inch from the side of the stud. This would result in a weak and dangerous installation. Why is he opposed to a stud finder device? There are ones that indicate the span of the stud. I have one.

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    Default Re: installing cabinets

    Finding studs is always a challenge. Good carpenters and drywallers have developed a good ear for finding studs, others rely on various stud finders, drilling tiny holes or measuring from windows, corners or electrical outlets. Whatever works for you is fine.

    As far as "missing" the stud by 1/16" - when you drill a pilot hole for a large bolt, you double check that you are going into the stud before you drive the bolt in.

    When installing cabinets, you find all studs and mark them before you install the cabinets. Always use cabinet screws (not drywall screws), long enough to support your cabinets.

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    Default Re: installing cabinets

    in addition to dj.....not all stud finders will locate the center of the stud like they're supposed to. of the 100+ screws that are used to attach a cabinet to a wall, there are several per cabinet plus the cabinets are screwed into each other. there's plenty of backup if a few screws are not secured into the center of a stud.

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    Default Re: installing cabinets

    the other thing with stud finders is that some of them will detect a pipe and say its a stud.. if you drive a screw there then you have a leak.. not good.

    the method i use for locating studs is to simply determing which side of an electrical outlet the stud is on then set the hook of my tape 3/4" past the outlet then extend my tape from there and mark 16"'s from there. work 98% of the time .. the other 2% is for when a stud may have been left out on the end of a wall when the layout is just slighlty more than 16" .. no point having a double stud in a corner so you get 16".oc
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