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    Question The water heater locks, and doesn't heat the water.

    Brand: State Select gas water heater 40 gallon,
    Model # PR640XCVIT & Serial # F06A000549

    The water heater locks, and doesn't heat the water.

    UNIT IS LOCKING (not heating water)
    **lights A & B turn on...(which means system is lockout) -
    there are 4 solutions on the trouble shooting-
    1- gas is off or too low to operate
    2- hot surface igniter not positioned correctly
    3- low voltage to the water heater
    4- electric polarity to unit is incorrect

    The unit have been working over five (5) years, never had issues till know. I have to disconnect and reconnect the water heater, which heats the water for a couple of hours, then it locks again (no hot water); have been doing this since December.


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    Default Re: The water heater locks, and doesn't heat the water.

    You either need to open up the pilot assembly and inside the water heater clean the screen in mid bottom and wipe out all debri and dust I recommend either compressed air or an air compressor a vacuum can work but you will need to get the kit from a State water heater distributor and put back together if it still has an issue then you will need to replace the pilot assembly make sure you still clean it sounds like it's not getting air and tripping the safety device on the thermo-coupler unit.

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