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    Default attach blue knotty pine over plaster

    I would like to put blue Knotty pine on my ceiling, my problem is I don't want to remove the cement plaster that is there. How would you attach it. My idea would be to place 2x4 flat against the ceiling and perpendicular to the rafters so I have something that a finish nail will go into. I would like to hear any suggestions you have.

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    Default Re: attach blue knotty pine over plaster

    Your idea is OK but you don't really need 2x4's, you can get away with 1x3 or 1x4's. Use some longer screws, like deck screws and you'll be fine.

    You may want to install one at each end of the room to start with and pull a string across them in several places. When you install the remaining furring strips, you can shim them to make sure they will give you a flat wall without any dips due to irregularities in the plaster.

    Good Luck.

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