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    Default How do I find source of ceiling water damage?

    I live in a 3 unit condo in a 160 Year old Brick building. I have had an intermittent leak in my (1st floor) bathroom ceiling that I know could be coming from anywhere. We've checked the appliances and what pipes we can see upstairs. Other sources might include leaking from the brick where mortar is insufficient, Vents for B.R vent or oven vent, cracked (PVC) pipe.... This has been going on for a year and I am about to cut a patch out of my ceiling to try to see where it is dripping. (intermittent nature, if that is the case, makes this a crap shoot.) What kind of contractor or person is right to do the spy work? Already tried a plumber.

    I'll leave the condo related issues out of this...


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    Default Re: How do I find source of ceiling water damage?

    So you've had a plumber looking into the mystery, and what exactly did he say?

    The rational way to go about finding the source of the leak would be to cut the bathroom ceiling and look for the source. It could be a water pipe in there that's leaking.

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    Default Re: How do I find source of ceiling water damage?

    Start by listening for drips. If that doesn't work, destructive demo is in your future. Cut drywall along the studs and in square sections. Use a razor to cut caulked joints. Look for signs of dripping, dampness and mold.

    Sometimes putting a camera or cell phone into a stud cavity or joist bay makes seeing around corners easier if the camera has a flash.

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