I have a colonial revival house built in 1927, wood siding that needs replacing soon. I know once we start replacing it we will need to do all of it because it has been neglected for a few decades. We just bought it a couple years ago and have had higher priority repairs that needed to be completed first. We cannot afford to replace all the wood siding until the fall but we are starting to have water get into the walls at some of the construction intersections, such as where a late addition balcony meets the exterior wall, around exterior doors and windows - in other words, where there are should've been flashing installed 20 years ago or where old sealants have decayed. The roof is good, no leaks there.
I am looking for any advice on a temporary sealant that I can use to cover areas 3-12 inches wide (traditional caulking will not work, tried it) that will hold out the rain until we are able to start replacing the siding and do the needed repairs the right way in the fall. We have a history of heavy thunderstorms and a lot of rain is short periods of time in our area during spring and fall, plus extreme heat during the summer - but I am only looking for a temporary fix for 7-9 months. Also, it needs to be something I can do myself.
Anyone have any advice or experience with a product that might work for us?