I found these two valves at a local resell shop, but I have no idea what they really are or how they would even work. There is only one hole (an inlet or maybe an outlet) in each one. No second holes.

In the first photo you can see the threaded nipple end on the far side of the item. In the second photo I turned one of them over to show that there are no holes in the squared off portions.

I guessed at first glance that these were wall mount hot and cold taps but there does not seem to be any way for them to mechanically operate anything.

These are the only two pictures I took but feel free to ask me any clarifying questions. I am happy to save these from obscurity but I need to make a case to my other half that they are usable for something.

These are about 8 inches long from the bottom of the detail work to the handle at the end.

Edit: I can't post photos so this will have to be on standby.