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    Default What supports the brick on the wall above a fireplace?

    We have brick running 20 ft up the wall above our fireplace. Our current gas fireplace sits over 2 feet off the ground and we want to lower it to the ground and build a new surrounding and mantel for it. Instead of removing all the brick we were hoping to cover it with drywall and create a "bump-out" wall to give the high wall some definition and cover the ugly brick. Could that be done or would the bricks under the new drywall become unstable?

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    Default Re: What supports the brick on the wall above a fireplace?

    The brick is supported by some kind of lintel. Probably a steel angle. As long as you don't remove the lintel or the brick supporting the lintel you can pretty much attach what you want to the face within reason. There are also codes about cumbustable materials within certain distances from the fireplace.

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