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    Exclamation Asbestos in Mortar?

    We had a radon abatement system installed in our basement laundry room before we moved into our first house in December. They had to drill thru the brick and mortar and the floor thru the slab to install the pipe for ventilation. Not even mentioning the fact they had to drill a three inch diameter hole into the possible asbestos tile down there....My question is - does anyone know if asbestos is really found in mortar on a brick and mortar house? There is a link, that I cannot post here since I don't have 10 posts yet, that explains what I mean. If you search for brickfrog and asbestos mortar you should find it.

    If you also google asbestos in mortar in general, it says in some places that asbestos was ubiquitous (abundant) in mortar, and some say they've never heard of it even when they are bricklayers. The brickfrog link especially scares me because it says they used 4 parts amphibole with 1 part chrysotile in the mix. In reseraching it I've found that chrysotile may not be as harmful as the amphibole versions (amosite, crocidolite).

    Now I have had an asbestos inspector tell me that small surface area disruptions like this don't produce any real contamination and that asbestos risks are much less than driving down the highway everyday. I just can't seem to shake the fear that there is the worst kind of asbestos fibers in the air in our home now, since even the smallest amounts of amphibole fibers are what supposedly cause mesothelioma 30-50 years down the road (I'm 28).

    I didn't know much about asbestos before but am now definitely not excited about redoing our bathroom or anything else for that matter (ive heard asbestos can also be in grout and the glue for bathroom tiles). Does anyone really know?
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