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    Default Re: Tom Silva and Norm Abrams

    It's not confusing at all, both these guys are exceptionally great in what they do and are capable of doing trades outside what their licenses describe.

    Licenses are divided by trades, like finish carpenter, framer, plumber, etc. Most tradesmen know how to do many things beyond their trades well, but their licenses may prohibit doing it for others for money.

    A general contractor is a person who performs duties like supervising, coordinating a few subcontractors, each doing his trade. But most GCs are tradesmen themselves. Every license is merely a piece of paper that says the the holder of this paper passed a state exam related to the trade. You'll find many GCs who are very good doing multiple trades, and others who are not good at any trade - they just passed the test and got a license.

    A good craftsmen, a good tradesman or a good handyman is never confined by a license or a title, like Tom and Norm. When you have a Midas touch, you can excel in just about everything you do and you are only limited by your imagination, not by a piece of paper called license.
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