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    Question Parquet flooring

    I have a 46 year old house with parquet flooring in all bedroooms and hall. (I am planning to put down Bamboo in the living/dining/ kitchen area, and my daughter said that's a No NO! It would not match or flow! ) I may do it anyway, after hearing your imput!

    For the parquet,since I am an avid gardener, I thought it would be neat to refinish and randomly paint a plant botanical on some squares. Possibly just in the hallway. All Google searches only brought up painting the entire floor. I don't want to do this. Any Tips on protection of the floors, once done?
    I'm assuming the steps should be in this order:
    1. refinish floors
    2. paint the botanicals
    3. then have polyurethane applied

    ANY tips appreciated!

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    Default Re: Parquet flooring

    you have the steps down correctly. i'm currently working on a condo with a parquet foyer. it's stained with two different colors making a nice disign in it. if you can do it and make a nice design it could look great. if i remember tomorrow i'll take a pic of it and post it.

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