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    Default 2 tools questions

    I need a wooden handle for my rip saw. Couldn't find one on the net, any suggestions?

    Trying to quiet the hardwood floors squeeking on the second floor. I have 2 stud sensors, but they don't find joists. Is there a good product that will find those joists so I can minimize holes in the hardwood.

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    Default Re: 2 tools questions

    You could make your own handle.

    Try a small metal detector like

    Use it to locate the flooring nails.
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    As far as finding the joist's goes I recently used these on a project and they worked really well. The price is right too. They do take a while to ship though since they need to go through time warp security. Dunno......... Jack's idea may be a good one, considering.

    Ignore the girl stuff........ They should work on joists just as well. (If you want.) "see legs right thru your pants"............. Yeah,...........Right...........

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