One of my next projects will involve windows and some siding work. It turns out some of my 117 siding is rotten and my work will also involve adding siding where there is none now.
My whole house likely has 117 siding buried under asbestos shingle and I will eventually want to remove that.
Back to my point, since I have to remove and add some siding, do I want to stick with the 117 that I can only get in new growth pine, or do I just want to go ahead and start using composite everywhere I have work done with the intent of removing all siding eventually.
My concerns are ease of maintenance in the future as well as replacement siding not matching my original which was made from old growth wood.

Of note, house is original 117 siding over 2x4 walls, no wrap or sheathing. Siding is buried under asbestos shingle, so condition is unknown.
Any thoughts are welcome.