I know this may be a dumb question, but since I know they are normally installed in cabinets, I figured I'd ask. My kitchen cabinets are only about 31" from floor to under the countertop, so I can't install a dishwasher there. I do have an old washer hookup in the kitchen that I found instructions on how to adapt for a dw. I don't need a portable one-they are expensive compared to the built-ins, but how would I go about building a cabinet for the dishwasher? I've seen people use two end cabinets on either side, and just throw a countertop over it all, but I don't have the space for that because there is a radiator on the same wall as the hookup. I'm not a carpenter or even a huge diy person-I am pretty much just learning as I go. This is our first house, and I'm having a baby (to grow our family to 6!) and was really looking forward to having a dishwasher before she comes in March.