100 year-old house with original exterior stairs in the Pacific Northwest (read: wet!).

The stairs have been repeatedly painted red over the last 20 years by a previous owner. We'd like to return them to something low maintenance and neutral.

The stairs are in mediocre condition--lots of cracks and crannies.

I'm wondering, is the smart thing to attempt stripping them? The red paint goes all the way up the concrete stairs from the sidewalk and continues in the concrete stoop next to the house. Approximately 10 steps.

Or would you power wash them as best as possible and paint them a neutral grey?

Paint stripping concerns:
I'd never really be able to get it all off without damaging the house siding.
It would be more effort than it's worth.

Repainting concerns:
The new neutral paint will eventually flake off and need to be repainted repeatedly.

What would you do, and how would you do it?

Thanks for your advice!