I am about to replace the end walls of our mobile home they are not bearing any load but wanted to know if anyone could give some advice. Currently the wall is covered with all windows and very little structure or support I would like to remove it and put a new 2x6 framed wall with vapour barrier and insulation with 1/2" plywood sheathing. Home is sitting on a laid brick foundation over a cement slab. Roof was replaced at one time with a peaked roof over the home and small addition. I would like to replace the non load bearing wall and windows with a 2x6 frame that goes from the cement block to where the new roof attaches to the home.

My only concerns are should I worry about the home trying to lean one way or another when removing the windows and wall and the roof extends past the homes actual frame where there is not support at all. Should I do something special there. I also submitted this to AskTOH to see if they contact me about it.

I have pictures but can't post them because of the required ten posts to use that feature.