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    Default Re: If baseboard heater is on they use highest current ???

    Yes, the thermostat acts like an on off switch. When they are on, they consume the same amount of electricity regardless of the temperature setting. What does change when you adjust the thermostat is how often and how long they stay on, so a higher setting will cause a higher electric bill simply because it is on longer.

    Now some baseboard and other portable electric heaters have a second switch for high/low or even high/med/low. This switch does change the amount of power consumed for a given time frame. This will have little effect on the electric bill over the long run because at any given temperature setting, the heater will run longer in the lower setting or less in the higher setting, but in the end the average consumption will not change much. These still have a thermostat that controls the temperature and that will still determine the total electricity used.

    However, many people find that the lowest temperature setting is the most comfortable as the longer running time means less cycling of the room temperature. But the higher settings may be needed on days when it is just too cold for the lower setting to keep up. The higher setting may also be desirable if the heater is on a timer because the higher setting will warm the room up faster. These too still have a separate thermostat that determines the room temperature and ultimately the total power consumption.

    There are even heaters now that will automatically adjust so that they go to the high setting as soon as they are turned on the quickly warm up the room, then switch to low to maintain a constant temperature.
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