Hello TOH community.

Need your help with a project I am working on.
I am currently adding a bathroom in my house. I am now beginning to frame up the walls and need some guidance. My house was built in the 1950s so the walls are constructed of Plaster and Lath. The new walls that I am placing are going to be regular 16" on center with sheet rock hung on them. I need advice as to how to tie in my new wall to a plaster and lath wall where they meet together at a perpendicular angel. The Plaster and Lath wall is an exterior wall. Iím hopping that I donít need to rip any of the Plaster and lath down. The end stud that will be resting on the P&L wall will obviously be tied into the top and bottom plate of the new wall. The new wall is 8 feet long by 8 tall. Iím wondering if I can just secure the new wall to the ceiling jousts and floor, then just sheet rock the walls and mud and tape the new perpendicular corner I created against the Plaster and Lath wall.
Thanks for the help.