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    Default Matching Old House Trim

    I'm trying to match the interior trim molding around the doors in my house. It sits on the outer edge of the 1x4's that encompass the door. I was wondering if anyone know the name of this detail, and if a router bit exists for it. Here is a quick drawing of how it looks from the side:


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    Default Re: Matching Old House Trim

    My local millworks, Clarks Lumber can match any sample you send them. You may be able to find a local millworks who can do the same.

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    Default Re: Matching Old House Trim

    if you want that exact profile youll have to go to a mill as mentioned. or a hardwood supplier that makes moldings.. the only thing is it isnt exactly cheap.. typically they charege $200 to make the knife that creates the profile then another $150 or so to set up the shaper table.. from there you pay for how many feet you want
    fire up the saw and make some dust

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