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    Default Stucco on a 1918 shotgun house

    I am looking for information about stucco made in the early 1900's. I have a 1918 shotgun house in Florida made with stucco (looks like rock and cement mixed together). I wanted to know how it was made and applied. I have some cracks and need to repair but do not know how to go about it....any suggestions. (The cracks seem to have started by a few of the windows, probably from water intrusion)

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    Default Re: Stucco on a 1918 shotgun house

    Depending on the substrate the stucco is installed over.
    If the substrate is wood framing and the cracks are wider than 1/16 inch you may have a structural problem.Also it may depend on how many years the cracks have been exposed to the weather?
    If you have no structural problems than use a mixture of White portland and Lime with a very fine sand partical size of salt or sugar mix one part cement , one part lime 1 to 1 1/2 parts sand tint to match existing color.
    If you dry mix all the parts than tint the dry mixture to match the color than add water when it cures it will be a good color match.
    If the stucco is applied over a masonary substrate use a injection mortar or grout like Jahn M60 stucco mortar also check Jahn M70 - M90 & M160

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