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    Default Question About Winter Roof Cap Installation

    Hi all,

    I'm new to the This Old House Community, and really forums and discussion threads in general so please bear with me if I do something wrong.

    I've just installed a bathroom exhaust fan in our only bathroom because our new wallpaper has already started peeling after a week. However, it is February and we are in Michigan, so we have a lot of cold left to go before spring. Our house is brick, so rather than install a wall vent (we also have not place for a soffit vent) I bought everything I need to install a roof vent to get the moist air out. I really want to get this vent in so that I can save our new wallpaper.

    So my question is, what's the best way to go about this in the winter time. I bought a Broan 636 roof cap

    Basically, I think my only problem is choosing what roofing cement to use in the cold. Can I use this stuff called "Dewitt's Wet-Stick Roof Cement" in the cold?

    Or will that compromise a good installation of the roof vent?

    Thanks so much

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    Default Re: Question About Winter Roof Cap Installation

    keep the roofing cement in the house until right before you use it and it will be fine. watch this youtube video for a few tips.

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    Default Re: Question About Winter Roof Cap Installation

    The above mentioned video is a good illustration on how to install vent flashing. As you can see, with the type of flashing this guy installed, he needed no roof cement at all (just a little tar on the nail heads).

    If you plan on just cutting the roof, putting the vent on top of the shingles and tar around it - that will cause leaks. The roof vent must go under the shingles above it and cover the shingles below it. And that's true for all kinds of flashing.

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