Hi all,

I'm new to the This Old House Community, and really forums and discussion threads in general so please bear with me if I do something wrong.

I've just installed a bathroom exhaust fan in our only bathroom because our new wallpaper has already started peeling after a week. However, it is February and we are in Michigan, so we have a lot of cold left to go before spring. Our house is brick, so rather than install a wall vent (we also have not place for a soffit vent) I bought everything I need to install a roof vent to get the moist air out. I really want to get this vent in so that I can save our new wallpaper.

So my question is, what's the best way to go about this in the winter time. I bought a Broan 636 roof cap

Basically, I think my only problem is choosing what roofing cement to use in the cold. Can I use this stuff called "Dewitt's Wet-Stick Roof Cement" in the cold?

Or will that compromise a good installation of the roof vent?

Thanks so much