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    Default Re: How do I insulate a crawl space ceiling and walls?


    I also live in eastern Mass. & bought a house here some years ago that had some of the same problems you are experiencing---namely, a crawlspace varying from 1' to 2' without a cellar.

    The previous owner had built a small 6' X 6' empty storage area in one part of the crawlspace in a corner below the kitchen--as YOU noted this made the kitchen floors impossibly cold in the winter; in addition, since there was no cellar, the previous owner carved out a small utility room on the 1st floor to house the heating system (forced hot water) & electric panels---this was at the expense of adequate space for an impossibly small bathroom that had nothing but a small shower, commode & tiny bathroom sink---and I also was forced into a seemingly endless battle of installing various types of insulation, plastic sheeting & other like procedures that just didn't seem to work.

    After years of suffering with this, I finally had a contractor excavate a large enough area inside the crawl space to relocate the heating system and install adequate drainage to eliminate any moisture problems; the planned project turned out very well----the heating system was moved to the new utility room under the kitchen, the heating system was moved down there, and the space formerly taken up by the 1st floor utility room now allowed the inclusion of a full bathroom with a tub/shower tiled enclosure and mentioned fixtures---wonderful, what a joy to have a full bathroom.

    The crawl space and new utility room remains at roughly 55 degrees even in the coldest New England weather because the near-boiler distribution piping keeps the area warm enough so no additional heating is required---the kitchen & floors on the 1st floor are warm, and the apt. itself is much easier to heat in the winter.

    If you have a host site where you can post some photos of your crawl space/project area, I'm sure many of us would love to see them, or you can click onto "BOARD JUMP" below, then onto Electrical & Lighting, then onto moderator JL McDaniel to upload the photos to him so he can post them here.

    Clearly, what I did to my house may not have any relevance to YOUR situation, but I could see a lot of similarities as I read your post, and I wish you well on your project, I know you will be successful.
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