HI TOH helpers,

I'm a newbie to the site and this is my first question.

Went out of town for 2 days and came back to find my bathroom lights and fans all not working. Can't figure it out.

House built in 2004-5 SFR 3 bed 2.5 bath

The whole house is fine and even the electrical outlets in the bathrooms work but not the fans/lights on the switches. This is for all 3 bathroom lights/fans. I've gone through the whole house and found the outlets with the test/reset buttons and tested them and they all work and reset them. Went outside to see if any of the breakers in the power box was thrown but they were all in the ON positions. I tried turning them all off and then back on without any change. The only ones that are not working are the bathroom fans and the lights. Is it time to call an electrician to come out and replace a fuse/breaker in the power box?

SO strange that it's not just one bathroom or that it was something caused when I was repairing something. The house was sitting still with nobody in it for just 2 days.

If anyone can tell me if I can do anything else before calling in a licensed electrician that would be great.
I watch the show but didn't know about this discussion board until I googled my problem and saw similar related electrical problems.

TOH newbie