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    Default Non maintained wood siding house with water leaking from somewhere...

    hello all. i am new to posting here and am not so handy!
    here is what i have...
    wood siding house built in 97. i moved in in 07. has not been re.stained/caulked (to my knowledge) since built. siding coming loose, cracks, etc. water leaking in on screened in porch... seems to be running down where chimney meets other roof. water leaking in in carport... seems to be coming in where taller part of house meets carport roof... perhaps flashing issue? or water getting in behind siding?
    water damage to soffit all around house (gutter issue?)
    i just don't know where to begin. there is just so much to do... am considering hardie boarding the whole thing as i believe the wood siding is beyond saving, and it is impractical for georgia weather and my ability to keep it up as it should be kept.
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