(And why does that sound so...dirty??)

Anyway, am assembling a sleeper floor on concrete.

I lay down the 10 millimeter (and unwieldy!) Visqueen, built the pressure treated 2x4 frame around the room's edges, and drilled 2x4s within it so they're 16" apart, on center.

Yet it appears I got overly energetic hammering one of the struts (or what would you call it?) snugly into place as it spans the frame, and the claw end of the hammer snagged a few smallish holes in the Visqueen.

I also notice a few razor cuts here and there in it...maybe when I was trimming it it sliced through a layer at one point.

Do I just pretend I didn't see this? Or do I make a little Visqueen patch, and duct tape it over? Or what?

Dear God in Heaven, why hast Thou forsaken me ? ? ?

Thanks for any suggestions. I will try to upload a pic if my description is wonky...

: )