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    Default Need help with century old balcony!

    I have a third floor balcony that is giving me a lot problems. It's on the third floor of a 1910 building and it is supported mainly by wood joists coming out of the wall (cantilever). The balcony is partially covered. When I bought the place, the balcony was already leaking down on the second floor balcony when it rained. The top surface of the balcony was made of composite tongue and groove boards but it had almost no slope to it so water pooled and somehow leaked thru. I had it replaced with wood tongue and groove board, but the guy did a very bad job and didn't even correct the slope, like I asked, so it still leaks.
    Now I have to have it redone. on top of it, all this water has damaged the joists that support the balcony. I don't want to replace the joists since it would be very costly. Also, since it's an old building I still want to use tongue and groove boards, preferably wood like the neighboring balcony. So I have a lot of questions:
    1. do tongue and groove boards always leak?
    2. do tongue and groove boards always leak?
    3. is there a flexible adhesive that can be put between the boards?
    4. should the underside of the boards be primed or painted or treated? How about the edges?
    5. what kind of board should I use?

    I will also have to sister and repair the joists. Here are other questions:
    1. after removing the rotten part from the joists, should I put wood hardener on the joists?
    2. when sistering, should some sort of adhesive be put between the new and old joist?
    3. should I put tar paper over the joist to cover them?

    If you have any other comment or suggestion, it would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance.
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