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    Default Rainwater run-off

    I have a home that was built in 92. At the down spout exit there is a small low area that catches and hold rain water. It is show in the picture. It is the area from the end of the side walk and extend to the down spout. This area stays saturated. The picture shows a portion of the area. It is right where the electrical service rises at the foundation.

    What are my options? Dig down and build a large french drain with #57 rock?

    Thanks for the help?

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    Default Re: Rainwater run-off

    Preferably the downspout would be drained to municipal storm run off systems. You may be able to relocate the downspout to the other end of the gutter and/or install a drain line in the ground to carry the water to the desired location.

    In lieu of municipal drainage, a drywell or French Drain could be installed. Exactly how that is done depends on the perk-ability of your soil and the area you have to work with.
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    Default Re: Rainwater run-off

    why don't you add a rainwater capture system and use the water for your garden? check out rain hog. they lay down or stand up.

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