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    Default Dug under footer

    A source of anxiety over the past couple weeks for me is an ongoing project that I am concerned will cause issues down the road.

    I re-ran my main gas line under the footer so I could put a patio on the side of my house. The weather turned and I never really got around to finishing the project. Now I have a 6-12 inch hole dug under the footer. Poor judgement too, is that the hole is directly underneath the i-beam that is carrying the load on that side of the house.

    When temps get above freezing, I was looking to fill that gap. I got a gallon bucket of hydraulic cement that I was going to shove under there. Is this a good solution? Or should I backfill and let gravity take over? A trusted source said I have nothing to worry about, but others have told me I have a potential for a real problem. Just looking for some advice.

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    Default Re: Dug under footer

    Depends, if the undermined footing is along the length of the house, meaning it is a small hole under a 20' span of footing, no problem, however, if it is a 12" hole under an 18" square footing, I think you can see where this could be quite an issue.
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    Default Re: Dug under footer

    If you have a open hole down to your footings and live in a cold climate the ground could freeze under the footing and raise the footing along with the foundation.


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    Default Re: Dug under footer

    johns right, if there is a hole is should be getting insulated with hay bales if possible and tarped over to keep out water and snow
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