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    I have just installed ceramic tile on new kitchen counters. There are already a couple of nicks on a few tiles and we haven't really even started using the kitchen yet. Are there differences in the quality of glazed ceramic tile? Hardness? Depth of glaze? Resistant to scratches/nicks?
    Am deciding on whether I want to pull out the tile and install something else like granite, caesarstone, etc. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Not all ceramic tiles created equal. If you keep your tile counter top, save a bunch of the same type tiles and grout, for future replacements. Replacing a tile is not difficult, just needs precision and patience.

    If money is no object, you can change to granite. Now, granite is way stronger than tile, but it can crack and get nicked as well. Sometimes it really depends on the way you use your kitchen counter top. Stainless steel (restaurant style) is becoming very popular. Stay away from Corian, it's weak.

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    Ceramic is glazed earthenware; soft base. Porcelain tile is harder by an order of magnitude. You could also use an encaustic tile, where the color is all the way through.
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    What they said plus,

    Porcelain is a type of ceramic that is much harder and denser than ceramic. Wall tiles are generally softer and not as durable as floor tiles.

    You can use granite tiles but they will chip too, just as granite slab can chip.

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