We are in the process of purchasing a 1920s colonial foreclosure.

Long story short, we found that a bunch of the radiators leak, and more recently, a main boiler pipe burst in the basement (house is vacant and water is turned off-must not have been winterized correctly).

The bank has offered to replace the existing hydronic system with forced air at no cost to me. Would you suggest it? I like forced air for the flexibility of adding central air, but everything I read about radiant heat seems better. Plus, I am concerned how ductwork will be run through plaster walls with no current ducting.

The home has two livable levels, plus a finished attic. The full basement is how I am guessing they will heat the main level.

Thoughts? How do they heat the upper level without running visible ducts everywhere? There are no bedroom on the main level, so therefore there are no closets to run it through.

Thanks- wondering if i should push for repair to the current system instead.