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    Default Stairwell Painting

    I am about start painting our room upstairs but I am not sure about the approach to paint the stairwell. Some portion of the drywall also needs to be fixed. How can I get this done?

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    Default Re: Stairwell Painting

    Depends on the space and access, ladders and scaffolds will be your best bet.
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    Default Re: Stairwell Painting

    Don't shortcut with safe scaffolding. BTDT Once you have the scaffoling in place, do all the prep work needed, including the primer before moving the scaffolding.

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    Default Re: Stairwell Painting

    Setting up scaffolding in a stairway can be a tricky situation. Make sure that whatever you do, it's safe.

    I will usually put a ladder against the wall up high and set the bottom on a lower step. The ladder cannot be straight up and down, give it some lean. Then run a plank (2 x 12 or aluminum plank) from that tall ladder to a shorter step ladder at the top of the stairs or on a landing.

    Work slowly and carefully. Be aware of your surroundings and where you're standing.

    If you have questions about how to do the drywall patching, just let us know.
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