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    Default Tankless & hard water

    I wanted to go tankless but we close up the home in the winter to go south and wondered how this will affect it. Also Is it true that if you have a lot of calcium in your water you shouldn't go with a tankless water heater? I was worried about "build up" being a problem with it.

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    Default Re: Tankless & hard water

    Why go tankless? If you're looking for savings your payback will be none existent due to the cost of the tankless and your usage being only part of the year. Not to mention the maintenance cost of tankless.

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    Default Re: Tankless & hard water

    Thinking about tankless? bad idea, at least at the present time. Stick with a conventional water heater. When you leave for 6 months, just winterize your water heater (empty it, empty the pipes and shut off gas).

    And yes, hard water is a problem too.

    Google 'tankless water heater' and read what people say about it.

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